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Frequently asked questions

Business Model MBE

Starting any business requires initial capital and ongoing working capital. This may be obtained from any combination of private funds, loans, grants, subsidies, or other resources. Mail Boxes Etc. helps the prospect to define the correct capital structure which best matches your individual circumstances.

MBE’s initial training course consists of ca. 4 weeks of class-room, in-store and field trainings. The focus is, in addition to basic operating aspects, primarily on building business development skills.

Simply, experience and economies-of-scale reduce risk.  MBE will help you get started faster and be more successful sooner.  Talk to anyone in our network to convince yourself.

MBE provides a unique set of services to local residents and businesses. The success is strongly linked to a concept we call "farming", namely interacting
with people, both inside and outside of the MBE Center to promote the
activities. Whether business or private, development of a loyal client base
depends on listening to their needs and then solving everyday challenges to
help them be more efficient with their time and day. MBE provides also omni-
channel Marketing and support you through our business programs, leads
generation initiative and digital campaign drive to store.

Sure, thanks to the Design & Construction Department, MBE prepares a design plan detailing layout, furniture and fixture requirements. We assist you with the supervision of the build-out and must approve the installation if in full compliance with MBE corporate standards. Our process helps you optimize costs to open your Center quickly.

Today there are ca. more than 1,800 MBE Centers in over 45 countries worldwide. This demonstrates the flexibility, adaptability and applicability of MBE for virtually any cultural or economic environment.

MBE Franchising

Mail Boxes Etc. is a one-stop concept that offers a mix of different services to help meet people’s everyday needs.

MBE Service Centers facilitate the activities of entrepreneurs, businesses and private consumers through digital and physical solutions, shipping, fulfillment, marketing, e-commerce and print solutions delivered with a distinguished and unique level of customer’s service. We empower private and business customers – mainly small and medium-sized companies – to improve productivity via outsourcing non-core needs and processes to MBE. 250-000 Business customers have already chosen MBE Solution!

Our customers range from SMEs to private customers. However, they all have one thing in common: they want help and advice from a real person and practical solutions to their needs. And they turn to us because we are local, ready and waiting to provide the assistance, expertise and customer care they require.

We have followed the opening of hundreds of MBE Centers. Our experience allows us to evaluate and select a suitable location.

MBE offers on-going training sessions to further support development of your business know-how and professional selling skills. These can be provided by company personnel, regional managers (if present), network/regional meetings with other MBE business associates, workshops, videos, in-Center programs, vendor co-sponsored sessions, etc.

Aspiring MBE franchisees may come from all backgrounds and skill sets. The qualities of successful Mail Boxes Etc. affiliates include a strong entrepreneurial spirit, great enthusiasm, personal motivation, efficient organizational skills and a desire to take on new challenges.

To open an MBE Center requires two people – either two equal partners or an entrepreneur and a collaborator. The ideal candidate is also an enterprising, passionate and sales ready entrepreneur who actively seeks business clients who recognize the added value and consultative selling approach of MBE services. 

Ideal candidate MBE franchising is perfect for those wishing for greater autonomy in their career, as well as those who are already entrepreneurs, business owners or self-employed and seeking to diversify their business. The MBE Network also benefits from multiple center owners, bringing greater success for the business.

Yes, you can. There may be several reasons for the sale of a running MBE Center. We will work with you to evaluate this possibility.

Thousands of SMBs want to take a leap towards innovation. And thanks to your new skills they will be able to do so.

With the e-commerce and logistics sector expanding, the SMBs that populate the market today need daily support from specialized professionals. Someone always ready to provide the right solutions. By joining the MBE world, you can be that partner, taking your customer’s e-commerce logistics to a new level of efficiency, and we will be by your side. Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of service centers, owned and managed by independent Entrepreneurs who provide shipping, logistics & e-commerce, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals. According to recent research, the eCommerce global market will reach $8.1 trillion by 2026. A trend that is set to grow in the coming years. Starting your own business in the E-commerce and Logistics market can be the right move.

In a globalized world strongly oriented towards online purchases, commercial exchanges now concern not only large chains but also private buyers. Goods travel at ever increasing rhythms and volumes, in contexts and areas that are also very different from each other both from a geographical and political point of view.

MBE Franchising also represents an interesting opportunity for those local entrepreneurs who want to become part of the sector’s growth and development process as protagonists. In fact, becoming a point of reference for distribution chains allows you to start your own business with the support of consulting teams of large groups, capable of guiding new activities with marketing campaigns, training programs and dedicated support in a relationship of collaboration that benefits both parties.

Franchising Glossary

It is therefore the set of technical and commercial knowledge and skills, identified by a brand and tested by the franchisor, relating to the production, marketing and distribution of products or services that the franchisor transmits to its franchisees.

It is the clause of a franchise contract on the basis of which the franchisor guarantees the franchisee that a specific territorial area will not be affected by the opening of another store with the same sign, whether it is a franchisee or direct point of sale.

The franchise agreement sets a specific geographic area within which no additional MBE Center will be opened.

Yes, in the franchise agreement sets a geographical area in which will not be authorized the opening of other MBE centers.

The Franchisor owns the business system and associated trade marks or trade names. Franchisors allow franchisees to use these under license in a designated area and for a fee. They then support their franchisees both in starting their business and in continued support.

A franchise or affiliate is a legal entity, financially and legally independent, who signs the franchise agreement.

  • Franchising today represents an optimal solution for those who intend to carry out the free profession: it is a growing model also at an international level, which has become an increasingly competitive tool in the economic scenario for promoting products and services through a new standardized formula.
  • When you invest in a franchise, you are supported by a proven business model. When you invest in a well-known franchise, you’re backed by powerful marketing and advertising campaigns that will help you attract customers. When you open a franchise you’re not alone, you can always count on franchisors help when you hit an obstacle. 
  • When you open a franchise you have a support system from the start. The risk involved in a startup business is much more than that of a franchise. The risk factor is considerably much less in the franchise.
  • The Mail Boxes Etc. Franchising projects you into a dynamic sector characterized by a strong potential, such as that of logistics and eCommerce.

Franchising is an efficient distribution system which offers owners of small businesses the opportunity to be competitive, grow and prosper through the economies-of-scale typical of larger companies combined with the commitment and drive of entrepreneurs.