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La franchise Mail Boxes Etc. : pour vous et votre entreprise

Qu’il s’agisse de vos premiers pas dans le monde de l’entrepreneuriat ou de votre prochain challenge, découvrez comment faire partie de l’une des plus grandes franchises de services aux entreprises au monde peut vous aider à lancer votre entreprise. Mail Boxes Etc. est en mesure de vous accompagner dans la création de votre entreprise afin de vous permettre de répondre aux besoins croissants en logistique, envoi de colis, e-commerce et en services de domiciliation que le monde connaît de nos jours.

Help thousands of SMBs take a leap towards innovation with your skills

With the e-commerce and logistics sector expanding, the SMBs that populate the market need daily support from specialized professionals, someone always ready to provide the right solutions. By joining the MBE Network, you become that kind of partner, taking your private and business customer’s needs and targets to a new level of efficiency.

In a globalized world strongly oriented towards online purchases and commercial exchanges involving more and more private buyers, where goods travel at an ever increasing speed and growing volumes, in contexts and areas that are also very different from each other from a geographical and political perspective, you can provide tools and know-how to support businesses turning daily operations into efficient processes.

The MBE Network has been able to play a fundamental role in the growth of national and international markets, intercepting the needs of customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, acting as a reference point for the territory in which they operate. MBE Franchising also represents an interesting opportunity for those local entrepreneurs who want to become part of the sector’s growth and development process as protagonists.

Become a landmark for businesses and private customers, join the MBE franchising network.