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MBE Worldwide launches MBE eShip

Milan, Italy, (November 22nd, 2022): MBE Worldwide (“MBE”) is proud to reaffirm its commitment to providing best-in-class digital solutions, in both e-commerce and B2B markets. Continuing that journey of innovation, MBE has taken MBE e-LINK, the existing plug-in that automates e-commerce logistics and shipments, and developed MBE eShip. MBE eShip is not just a new name and logo, but a whole new user experience, including new functionality and enhanced performance – an ‘easy to access’ suite of solutions for e-commerce businesses.

MBE Worldwide (“MBE”) is a leading commerce-enablement platform providing e-commerce, fulfillment, shipping and marketing solutions to SMBs and consumers. In 2021, MBE served over 1 mln business customers worldwide generating €1.07 bln (US$1.26 bln) of system wide sales, through its 3,100+ solution centers in 52 countries, and €24 bln (US$28.5 bln) of gross merchandise value traded through its PrestaShop e-commerce solutions.

MBE eShip, developed both as an integrated plug-in version and as an upcoming online platform, allows e-tailers to automate orders and returns management by connecting their e-commerce web-store to MBE systems, allowing MBE to take care of all logistics operations, behind the scenes.

MBE eShip represents the ideal solution for small and medium businesses that want to sell online, even in the startup phase, due to its flexibility and highly customizable features. It helps merchants extend their online store functions and allows them to create different shipping options for their customers. Through MBE eShip, e-commerce business owners can entrust their logistics – from order management to product shipping operations – to the experts at Mail Boxes Etc., allowing them to dedicate their resources and time to other business needs instead.

The MBE eShip PLUG-IN can be connected to multiple sales channels at the same time, with the latest market release already available for PrestaShop and coming soon for WooCommerce and Shopify merchants.

Designed to increase e-commerce customer satisfaction by providing a smoother buying experience, MBE eShip automatically generates the shipment paperwork, the shipping label and the tracking code. Both MBE eShip PLUG-IN and MBE eShip WEB make the logistics and shipping processes  easier and more efficient.

“E-commerce is a vitally important industry with a constant evolution and continuous growth. We are committed to the development of innovative digital products and further enhance  our business solutions to help SMBs satisfy increasingly demanding customers” commented Valeria Mennella, Chief Marketing Officer, MBE Worldwide. “MBE eShip is aimed at growing merchant competitiveness in the e-commerce space by providing them with a tailor-made service to optimize and automate their  logistics, shipping and order management processes”.

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Please note that MBE Centers are managed by independent Entrepreneurs who operate under the MBE brand as a result of a franchise contract. For this reason, not all services and products offered by Mail Boxes Etc. are available at each MBE Point of Sale and every MBE Center is independent in terms of commercial and pricing strategy. Mail Boxes Etc. and MBE are trademarks registered and used by MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (except the US and Canada) – all rights reserved.

About MBE Worldwide

MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (“MBE”), a privately-owned company headquartered in Italy, is a Global Commerce enabler for SMBs and consumers thanks to its platform providing eCommerce, fulfillment, shipping, marketing and print solutions via multi-brand operations: PrestaShop, Mail Boxes Etc. (except the US and Canada), PostNet, PACK & SEND,, AlphaGraphics, Multicopy, Print Speak, GEL Proximity and World Options. The combination of its physical platform – that currently counts 3,100+ Solution Centers in 52 countries with more than 12.500 associates – with its PrestaShop ecommerce platform served 1+ Mln business customers in FY2021 generating €1.07 bln (US$1.26 bln) of System Wide Sales and €24 bln (US$28.5 bln) of eCommerce Gross Merchandise Value.

For additional information please visit MBE Worldwide Group websites at: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

* Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, the UK, Ireland and Portugal